Finding my work on a shelf in shop

It’s always a cool feeling bumping into a brand or product on a shelf in a shop you have worked on.
Here’s Tonkeys, a Belgian chocolate brand we worked on – a lot.
Surprisingly, I found this chicken with easter eggs cage in Switzerland, amongst a huge overload of Lindt and other Swiss brands.
It ‘s a clear proof of the success of innovation: come with a unique concept, and you will get picked up.

As far as our own chocolate lab activities are going: there is still an inflow of ideas via the workshops we’re doing, like the one with the H.E.A.D school in Geneva.

As far as clients are concerned, I should get in contact with some Swiss brands, since I’m here. Or Belgian, if they’d still want these kind of ideas. I do have a sketchbook full…
To be continued. Or eaten, in the chicken’s case.


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