Today we party like animals.

Today we party like animals.

On March 11, 2013 all animal tested cosmetics
including toiletries and beauty products from soap to toothpaste will be banned in Europe. Campaign created for the Perfume Foundation.

This is an important statement, as all products on the EU market including perfumes are tested on animals, and that no other tests have been approved yet by the Cosmetic industry.

‘Toxigenomic’ tests on human cells that are the most efficient are not supported by the Cosmetic Industry as it would show the evidence that a lot of pro­ducts on the market will have to be taken away.
It is a fact that products should be better tested.
The Perfume Foundation encourages that these tests will be made by an independent organisation from the industry, as we, consumers, all deserve to have a better control on the chemical products we are breathing everyday.

Campaign created by for The Perfume Foundation.

The Perfume Foundation is a consumer organization with a mission to be the leading authority on environmental and health issues related to fragrances and scents, while contributing to the cultural heritage of perfume.

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