YourOwnLab – a co-creation and community tool throughout the Creative Ring (

The Creative Ring, initially developed by SPECIFI, is a new experimental community and platform for sharing creative and innovative content and activities all over Europe, using advanced Internet technologies and networks. It is based on an open collaboration between local artists and creative industries (comprising cultural, media, arts, advertising and other sectors) with universities, local authorities and ICT companies in each city and region. 

Building a Creative Ring to help and enhance the creative industries, is all about building and uniting communities that can spark ideas, accelerate creative talent, push conversations and initiate social change.

This has been the initial purpose of, and is the main reason I decided to create the YourOwnLab app and program. This tool turns the addictlab idea into a software concept that can be implemented by other organisations and companies.

By distributing the app, the Creative Ring will be able to provide people from all the different communities with access to research, conversation and inspiration. The YourOwnLab app is an easy to navigate, low threshold tool that can help on different levels;

It will serve as a portfolio, a platform to show local talent and creative people from the different destinations. It will also serve as a conversation starter, allowing people to add ideas or thoughts and comments on certain topics. And it will definitely be a co-creation tool to generate innovation, as the app allows for dedicated ‘labs’ to be created. The first labs that will be rolled out will have a direct link with the existing Addictlab concept database, such as the Touristlab research and the Urban Green Lab.

Depending on activities in the different hubs, specific projects can be started. Only in June, already, a dedicated lab on poverty and education will be set up for a worldwide organisation renting the Egg Venue for an event.

Where needed, Addictlab and its partner organisations in the different hubs, such as Egg-Change in Brussels, can help in running the labs, and in implementing its unique lab member profiling system in order to create specific communities on specific issues.

The aim must be to push these labs through the ring, allowing for collaboration between the hubs and their people, and resulting in interpiloting projects that will eventually become the main reason of existence of the creative ring idea.

At best, this could maybe show you a first glimpse of the future of the internet.

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