Designing the FRAME bag

I decided to think of a bag that would be transparent. Where everyone could see what you are carrying, because privacy today is an outdated concept, anyway.

So I created an object with a frame in veneer wood, with a shape that is a clear reference to the usual travel and business cases. Similar size and rounded corners, yet this one is open, empty.  The result is a brief case, an eco-conscious and contemporary designed shopping bag, or can get another function, depending on the finishing and accessories.

The first series is now in production, for the VLAM, the official Flemish governmental body that promotes buying your groceries straight from the farm.  For that particular use we added a shoulder strap and elastic sides, in order to be able to take enough products.. The straps and sides are made of recycled bicycle tubes. That fitted the eco thinking behind it, and the brand of Flanders..

The Frame bag then becomes an interesting fashion statement, as well 🙂 Curious to see who would wear this.

For the VLAM, Addictlab has coordinated the advertising : all Flemish producers can use the communication tools we developed. What makes the story complete is that we will not only have contributed to the advertising but also created the product development. Which fits in my vision to service a client much more holistically using the creative assets and concepts we have in our database.

Next to that, I believe the Frame bag has a potential to be the first Addictlab-conceived product that will actually come on the market. Wait and see.

I’ll be posting pics of the final product in September.2014-06-02 12.13.00


Prototype with recycled bicycle tubes. The final version will have more bicycle tubes, and an extra one as a shoulder strap .


testmand17 gebruik2 gebruik3 gebruik4 gebruik5

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