portretjanLRJan Van Mol has been called a concept king, a brand guru, a renaissance man, a pioneer in the creative industry. With an addiction to, and respect for, human creativity he has been doing research and building up cases in the advertising, fashion, cooking, art and design scene, setting up a system using thousands of collaborators from different cultures and backgrounds, implementing collaborative processes and complete out of the box thinking.

The system allows human talent to be accelerated. This system allows him to redefine ‘marketing’, offer innovation to the industry, and brand inspiration to cities.

Jan is the founder of Ad!dict Creative Lab a creative laboratory uniting thousands of creatives from all over the world and over 30 disciplines (amongst others: fashion, photography, architecture, cooking, design, materials, music, advertising, branding).

Jan Van Mol was recently selected by I.D. magazine for their top 40 of undersung heroes influencing the creative industry. He created branding tools such as ‘inspiration showers©’ and the so-called Creative X-Ray© allowing brands like Diesel, Nike, Thalys, BMW, Toyota, and also non-profit organisations, the city of Rotterdam, the city of Kortrijk and the Flemish Government to tap into Addicts unmatched pool of creative and multidisciplinary talent to further enhance their product innovation and brand identity.

Mobile:  +33 679 91 11 13

Email:    jan@addictlab.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/JanvanMol

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